The Big Barn at MEAL

This is it, folks – the venue for our Grand Celebration on Saturday, 10th September.

We are inviting guests to come along at 1pm – that will give them time to visit Abbot’s Hall and the Walled Garden, the Domestic Life Building (where the Cube will be exhibited) and the gypsy caravans, before we show the animations at 2.30 – followed by tea, cake and possibly a few games, at 3 o’clock. The event will finish around 4 o’clock and the Museum closes at 4.30.

I will be contacting everyone over the next few weeks, but please do keep the date – I’ll be in touch soon.



Saturday 10th September 2016

Keep the date – it’s when we plan to hold our Suffolk at Play Bumper Celebration at the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket.

Well over 100 people have taken part in the project since it started in November 2013, and we hope that as many as possible will come along, with family and friends, to view the complete set of animations and celebrate all the wonderful work that has been created along the way.

More details will follow shortly and I will be contacting the individual groups concerned, but please put the date in your diary now – and I hope to see you in Stowmarket in early September.


Suffolk at Play in Stowmarket booklet

Cedrus House SAP50



The Suffolk at Play booklet is full of anecdotes shared by the residents and pupils during the project.

You can see the booklet for yourself, by clicking on the booklet image below. The link will open in a new tab, so you’ll be able to come back to this site easily.

Meanwhile, everyone thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories – and checking that I’d got my facts right.


Cedrus House SAP39Cedrus House SAP41



What a Celebration!

What an amazing day!

It started atCedrus House SAP2 Cedars Park Community Primary School, with an assembly for the whole school.

After telling them a little about the project, we all watched the animations created by some of the Year 6 students – and the reactions were marvellous.

They really enjoyed the films and apparently a Year 5 student asked their teacher if they could do the project next year – what a lovely thought.

Then the Suffolk at Play Cube arrived, and it is now taking pride of place in the school reception area.

Visitors, staff and pupils will be able to watch the animations, browse through the booklet of stories, and enjoy the beautiful scrapbook compiled during the project.

After a quick debrief with the artists involved, it was over to the residential home, for an afternoon screening of the animations, plus tea and delicious cupcakes, kindly provided by Cedrus House.

Cedrus House SAP10

The children came over from the school and joined the residents, with whom strong friendships have developed over the months we’ve been working together. Residents’ family and friends also attended and, to quote Michelle the Manager: –

‘It was indeed a lovely celebration. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, and the film is just fabulous.’

Cedrus House SAP49

You can see the film by clicking on the animation tab and selecting Suffolk at Play in Stowmarket.

Stowmarket celebration

We are really looking forward to Monday, 23rd May, when we’ll be having not one but TWO Suffolk at Play celebrations.

We start with a special assembly for all the pupils at Cedars Park Community Primary School – where the children will see for the first time the wonderful animations they created, with voice overs by the residents at Cedrus House. Each of the participating children will receive a DVD of the animations, a copy of the booklet of some of the stories they collected, and a certificate.

In the afternoon, we all meet up again in the Cinema Room at Cedrus House Care Home, to show the residents the animations and share a special celebration tea. Family and friends of both residents and participating pupils are most welcome to join us and we look forward to seeing you there.


Stradbroke Library Post Office wins prestigious EDGE Award

In early March, Stradbroke library manager Maureen John travelled to Edinburgh, to take part in the EDGE conference – and to hear whether the library had won an award for which they were nominated earlier in the year.

The EDGE conference was developed by City of Edinburgh Council, as an opportunity to share good practice and discuss future developments in library services, and has become a highly-regarded annual event.

There are three categories of awards  – Physical (buildings, layout, targeted spaces), Social (work involving communities or target groups, engagement or making a difference) and Digital (websites, apps, virtual library, digitisation).

There is one winner in each category, plus a runner up, and this year Stradbroke Library won the Social category. Maureen said: –

“It was a bit nerve-wracking, waiting to hear, as they didn’t announce the winners until right at the end of the evening and no, it wasn’t like other ceremonies, we didn’t know beforehand. Of course I’m very pleased – last year the award went to a Glasgow library initiative, Macmillan@GlasgowLibraries, so to have Stradbroke Library win it this year is really something.”

And of course here at Suffolk Artlink we are thrilled, as the Suffolk at Play Cube will be exhibited in the award-winning library after Easter – hopefully doing its bit to involve communities, and making a little bit of a difference.